About Us.

Papa2CITY OF FAITH MINISTRY INC is headquartered in FCT Abuja, at the Untouchable City, opposite Shoprite Apo District Abuja. It has a Regional Branch at Ozoro in Isoko North Local Govt. Area of Delta State Nigeria. It is an independent full gospel, prophetic and deliverance ministry with digital evangelical arm or medium known as UNTOUCHABLE TV.

MISSION: Prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable is called and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to touch lives of people that are already in need of the touch of God thereby winning their souls for Christ. No doubt, as in today happenings, so many thing has gone wrong in our society, be it within our Country or Abroad. Countries today are running helter scelter looking for rescue to the unending crises in their coast, some are vested with militancy disrupting the development strategies of their Country. Today some people wish that the World could come to an end because of the scourging effect of poverty, sicknesses, crises etc that has falling on them.

As it is said in the circular world, that “behind a great man there is a virtuous woman”. God called His Prophet, Ernest E O Untouchable and blessed him with a woman with substance, a woman like no other, a woman of God who does nothing else than to support the Prophet with all her divine possessions. She is the Director Admin/Supply of the Untouchable Television.

For this reasons and more, God called His Servant, PROPHET ERNEST E.O UNTOUCHABLE among others like Him called by God, to go out to the whole wide World preaching the gospel of TRUTH, Touching lives, winning there souls for Christ. God called His Prophet, Ernest E.O Untouchable and has empowered him with Power of Healing, Prophesy, Deliverance in a superb dimension to tear down the strong hold of satan and his agents that has scattered in every look and cranny of the World today.

These are the Mission of this Ministry, to the end that many souls shall be won and hell shall be decongested to the Glory of God Most High.

In other to achieve this goals, The Prophet has established a Television Channel called “UNTOUCHABLE TV”, which has touched many souls already, delivering many that was sick of both curable and incurable diseases, setting captives of satan free from bondage, re-uniting marriages that was on the verge of separation, helping the needy financially and materially etc. This UNTOUCHABLE TV can be located in MyTv Decoder in Nigeria. We also has integrated our social media platform in to our website(www.untouchabletv.org.ng), such as our Facebook page; www.facebook/theuntouchabletv/ . We urge you to visit them, Like our Facebook page and Share our Posts. My God will surely visit and bless you as you do like our page and share our posts in Jesus name, Amen.

***** Untouchable tv is out to touch lives and winning souls for Christ *****